Pass listening

To increase your chances of passing any listening exam you should:

  1. Know and understand what the listening exam you want to take consists of
    • How many parts does it have?
    • What do you have to do in each part?
    • How many times will you hear each part?
    • How long is the exam?
    • What does the answer sheet look like?
    • Will you have any time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet?
  2. Do as many mock listening tests as possible.
  3. Listen to anything you can in English.
  4. Listen to different accents.
  5. Try to find recordings/videos/podcasts that provide a wide range of formal and informal situational contexts.
  6. Identify which part of the exam/type of exercise is the most problematic for you and focus more on it!
  7. Practice concentration. Try to increase your attention span.


In the exam remember to


read every task carefully

scan the text/exercise carefully

not leave any gap blank


ONE LAST TIP: Practice makes perfect!


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