Pass reading

In order to increase your chances of passing any reading exam you should:


1. Know and understand the structure of the exam


How many parts does it consist of?

What do you have to do in each part?

How much time do you have?

Will you have any additional time to transfer your answers on the answer sheet?


2. Practice scanning and skimming a text

3. Read as much as possible

4. Practice doing mock reading tests

5. When you are doing mock reading tests don’t just check the answers in the key. Analyze why the correct answer is correct! Go back to the text, read the paragraph again and pinpoint it in the text!

6. Learn new vocabulary and use it in speaking and writing in order to memorize it.

7. Practice reading between the lines to understand what the text is about on a deeper level.

7. Reading tasks usually are about specific people/places/things. They are named in the texts. Therefore when you are reading/scanning a text highlight the names you find in it. The questions to the text will be about these specific people/places/things.

8. Be aware of distractors. Some questions to a text can be phrased in a misleading way. The way to deal with it is to understand what the essence of the question is. You have to look for a synonym (might be an antonym) in the text to find the answer you are looking for.


In the exam remember to:


read every task carefully

not leave any gap blank

not spend too much time on one exercise when you are not sure of the answer; move on to the next one!


ONE LAST TIP: Practice makes perfect!


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