Obtaining B1 Preliminary marks a big step forward to English proficiency. When you pass the exam, it means you


  • can describe experiences, events, hopes, and ambitions

  • can briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans

  • can clearly understand the general information regularly encountered in work, school, leisure


CEFR level: B1

Scale score: 140 - 159

Format: computer or paper-based

Cost: varies depending on the country and the examination center


Number of parts: 4

Reading (45 minutes)

6 parts/32 questions

Writing (45 minutes)

2 parts/3 questions

Listening (about 30 minutes)

4 parts/25 questions

Speaking (12 minutes per pair of candidates)

4 parts


Who is it for?

This exam is for people who need proof they have the language skills to be able to communicate in day-to-day situations.



It is valid for life.

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