English Literature: a good choice or a waste of time?

I graduated from university in 2011 with an M.A. in English Linguistics. The job market and professional opportunities were very different from the ones in current times. Despite that, I think my studies prepared me well for taking my first professional steps in an industry I didn’t fully understand at the time. I was meant to be a Polish-English translator but life had something else in store for me.


I studied English Linguistics for 5 years. The subjects I studied included the history of English literature, Medieval English, English grammar to name a few. What you are going to study very much depends on the university you select and the country you live in or going to study in.


What can do if you have a degree in English Linguistics?




It is by no means an easy profession. There are many different types of translations. You can translate books, poetry, manuals to name a few. You need to have a great command of English and a great command of your native language or some other language. It is a stressful job in which you need to meet deadlines all the time. You can and should narrow down the field of translation you could do. Medical, legal, and economic translations are very difficult but if are good at one of them at least you can make o lot of money! You can also become a simultaneous translator which is professionally called interpreting. It means that you are translating to an audience while the speaker is talking. All types of translations are rarely boring. You are always kept on your toes and you can’t stop learning and revising! The pay here obviously varies depending on some factors!




Have you ever wanted to travel the world and make money? Teaching is one of the best ways to do it. You would need a teaching qualification but it is not as difficult to obtain as you might think! Working for your local language academy would be a good place to start. I don’t even have to mention teaching online! If you are into teaching then at some point in your teaching career you might consider establishing your language academy!


Be a guide


I know that traveling has been restricted due to the pandemic but maybe you live in the city/region or you can move to one that is still visited by tourists. Some are usually willing to pay for a memorable sightseeing experience. They need someone to show them the city and tell them its history etc. It is an interesting option!


Work for an international corporation


I have never worked for an international company but a great command of English is one of the requirements you have to meet if you are thinking about establishing yourself in the corporate world.


Edit & proofread


It is a great opportunity for people who have a great command of English and an eye for detail. Language should be your passion!


Work for a publishing house


This position includes editing and proofreading (the previous point). It all depends on the position you hold and the type of publishing house you work at. You might be asked to decide what and in what form is going to be published. You may hold talks with authors discussing the content of their works.


Tell me in the comments below what other profession should be included in this short article.




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