Good vs Well


"Good" is an adjective, which means it describes nouns. It refers to the quality or state of something. It's used to describe nouns such as people, places, things, or ideas.

  • The pizza was really good.
  • She is a good student.


"Well" can be both an adjective and an adverb. As an adjective, it describes health or satisfactory conditions. As an adverb, it describes how an action is performed or the state of being.

  • He doesn't feel well today. (adjective)
  • She sings very well. (adverb)
  • He performed well in the exam. (adverb)

Here's a tip to remember the difference:

  • If you're describing a noun, use "good" (e.g., good food, good friend).
  • If you're describing a verb, use "well" (e.g., sings well, performs well).

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