Idioms - Health

  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away: Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent illness.

  2. Fit as a fiddle: In excellent health and physical condition.

  3. In the pink of health: To be in very good health and feeling well.

  4. A picture of health: To appear to be very healthy and vibrant.

  5. On the road to recovery: Making progress toward improving health after an illness or injury.

  6. As fit as a butcher's dog: In very good health and strong, often used colloquially.

  7. To feel under the weather: To feel unwell or not in good health.

  8. To be on one's last legs: To be very tired, weak, or near the point of exhaustion.

  9. To have a clean bill of health: To be declared free of any illness or health problems by a doctor or medical professional.

  10. To be as sound as a bell: To be in very good health or to have a healthy body.

  11. To be a picture of misery: To appear extremely unwell or in poor health.

  12. To be fighting fit: To be in excellent physical condition and ready for action or activity.

  13. To be as fit as a flea: To be in excellent health and very active, often used to describe older people.

  14. To feel like death warmed up: To feel extremely ill or unwell, often used humorously.

  15. To be at death's door: To be very close to death, often used to describe someone who is seriously ill.

  16. To be in the peak of health: To be in the best possible state of health, often used to describe athletes.

  17. To be as healthy as a horse: To be in excellent health and very strong.

  18. To be on the mend: To be recovering from an illness or injury, gradually improving in health.

  19. To be in rude health: To be in very good health and feeling robust.

  20. To be full of beans: To have a lot of energy and vitality, often used to describe children.

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