Synonyms of Good

Different Meanings of "Good":

  1. Of high quality or standard
  2. Morally right or virtuous
  3. Satisfactory or acceptable
  4. Skilled or proficient
  5. Beneficial or advantageous
  6. Favorable or positive
  7. Suitable or appropriate
  8. Complete or thorough
  9. Adequate or ample
  10. Friendly or kind

Synonyms for "Good":

  1. Excellent

    • The movie received excellent reviews from critics.
  2. Great

    • She did a great job on her presentation.
  3. Superb

    • The restaurant served superb seafood dishes.
  4. Outstanding

    • He received an outstanding award for his contributions to the community.
  5. Fantastic

    • The concert was fantastic; everyone had a wonderful time.
  6. Terrific

    • It's a terrific feeling to accomplish your goals.
  7. Splendid

    • The garden looked splendid with all the colorful flowers.
  8. Super

    • The team put in a super effort and won the championship.
  9. Marvelous

    • We had a marvelous time on our vacation to Hawaii.
  10. Fine

    • The weather was fine, perfect for a day at the beach.

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